We-the people..

look at this palm...
Do you know whose hand is there behind this palm...
just look at the awards he has got....
    .Winner of ‘TR35 2009’ award, Technology Review.
    .Winner of ‘INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2009’ award, Popular Science.
    .Winner of ‘Young Indian Innovator 2009’ award, Digit Magazine.
    .Speaker for TED 2009 talk on ‘sixthsense’, TED 2009, Long Beach, CA.
    .2nd in SPACE competition in SIGGRAPH2004.
    .1st in Innovation Fair at India level, for project MARBO.
    .All India 3rd in Open Hardware Contest in Techfest @ IIT Bombay for    DATAG2.02.
    .3rd in Model Presentation at INGENIUM 2002.
    .3rd in Creative art competition organized by ISRO.
    .1st in Design competition organized by IEEE, India chapter.
    .2nd in website designing organized by ACES.
    .Selected for the Dirubhai Ambani Foundation Award for securing the 1st    rank in district.
    .2nd in on the spot Model Making contest in Techfest @ IIT Bombay.

And the person is 

oops this boy??
look here..

He found out the next generation technology...
And most lovable thing is that he is from Palanpur.. Gujarat..
To know more about him go to hos web..


He write there he can never forget his native..
So, We are the people..
We know many of ..but sometimes we the chance to recognize our heroes..!

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