Rutumbhara at saputara

17 ફેબ્રુઆરી, 2009
Rutumbhara at saputara.

Visited Rutumbhara kanya vidhyalay at saputara. It is established by Poornimaben pakavasa-A freedom fighter-
She was not present in the vidhyalay so,couldn’t meet her
She was in Mumbai.
She took this work as the mission of life to give education to the Adivasi girls…
Have seen Nursery,Gaushala…
વ્યક્તીલક્ષી સંસ્થાઓ-વ્યક્તી પછી નબળી પડતી જાય છે.?!.
(ક્યું ચિન્હ વાપરું તે પ્રશ્ન છે.)


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