BJP-The Multie & Mega Starrer Flop

It's paining to believe that BJP and NDA cannot make the spot as I expected!

The Director Rajnathsinh has made a perfect script but he failed to tell the story as he wanted before...I mean He cannot make up his mind -Either go to Hardcore Hindutva as main theme or Development in NDA ruling states or the others can not have good stars as he has!

The leading role is given to Shri L.K.Advaniji
, He made the same mistake as Sonyaji made in Gujarat(While assemblyelection)-attacking Narendra Modiji.
This time he attacked Single person Dr Manmohansinhji and He won the sympthy...(In my view Indians never see the person alone suffrer personal insult)

Varun Gandhi-therising star
has made a remarkable entry but the director has not enough faith in him so, he was not given the good scene to perform.

The supportin actor-Nitishji
was not sure to sign the film then he became the part of the film..He has done a good(Award winning performance) but he played as solo and has not given the support to the director.

Arunji has debated with the director about the role of another actor-He may be right or wrong but this made damage..the others have to waste their energy to make them understand that -it may be harmful!

Arun sauriji also made same mistake to say -In our next film the main role will be given to Modiji---
It has taken a lot of time to feel others that Advaniji is really perform the Lead role and the director has faith in him..and there will be no cutting in his full role!

And now the most Paining part.......

There are some mistakes by my all time favorite politician -Narendra Modiji.
He believes that the people will give votes to BJP because the state has a good developed model...but there is a difference between him and Advaniji...He believes that he has a great support of the main Leader but Public of Gujarat will never feel so close with Advaniji as Modiji!
He thought the LOK SIXAN should be done at the time of the release of film(At the time of election) but the publicity...and education is different things...this time his opponents are succeeded to make people belive that the this Star does not do good for you but only want the publicity for the film..and that is totally wrong....but Namo failed to say this to Public!

Now in Gujarat nobody will say that he/she is not happier than before but still ....they are enemies of Namo and BJP


Look in a small village Mr X is working for BJP.
Now Mr X has some little qurralle with Mr Y.
So though, Mr Y has a faith in BJP , He will go with the rival party!

Now if they want to make a sucessfull film next time...
They should go to people (At small group) Discuss the local matters like I mentioned above ...and make them understand that it will be a big blow for the party if you will qurralled with the local issues!!
All the spotboys (Karykaratas) -all over india should work for people and their wellfare through out the years....
They should win the hearts of people...
The RSS has a good sucessfull banner-
so I think the director has to ask for his name for next film...and also tell publicly that yes, we are going to make the film under RSS production!
These are something I want to tell ...please add your comment....

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