Sense of humour

In these days one man create a huge laughter by his great sense of humour!
Politics is always a serious topic. And in election all the political parties use the words of Hate and Hate and Hate these days...but this man has stared using humour instead of Hate words but don't think he is softer to rival parties.
I think he is more effective on people than before through this style..
We hope all people can present their ideas in this style....
years before Shri Atal Bihari Bajpeyeeji used to spread humour by his wit.
Today this man has shown - the signs of that extends...
Let's see .....
some of his one liners

O Ba, O Ma
When terrorists attacked Mumbai, Congress leaders rushed to the US. They should have gone to Pakistan. In US, they pleaded O Ba, O Ma... please save us
Terminology to describe Congress as a 125-year old party. This sent his TRPs soaring
Priyanka Gandhi, who reacted to him. Since then, the Gandhis are silent
Not MAR but RAM
Before the Congress could say MAR (Modi, Advani and Rajnath), Modi put it in their mouth. He said they should respect seniority and called us RAM (Rajnath, Advani and Modi). But something stops them from saying RAM
Kapdawala, Dabbawala, Gas Batlawala
Congress troika of Shankersinh Vaghela (textiles minister), Naran Rathwa (railway minister) and Dinsha Patel (petroleum minister)
SRP is after me
S for Sonia, R for Rahul and P for Priyanka. In this age of SMS, abbreviations are an in thing, he said
Middlemen Congressmen
When Congress manifesto promised wheat at Rs 3 a kg to the poor, Modi joked that Gujarat government was selling wheat at Rs 2 per kg. The Congress would buy wheat from Gujarat at Rs 2 per kg and sell it for Rs 3 per kg
Soniaben’s homework
She mixes up the script. The other day, she spoke in Jetpur about Sujalam Sufalam. This speech was to be read out at Kheralu which has a Sujalam Sufalam project

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