N_Mo:The magician of words

Our CM Narendra Modi is undoubtedly an unbeatable master of using words. He can create something out of nothing and that too in some minutes. Modi is not only a good orator but more importantly a creative orator.

Recently he said “Whole SRP is after me” referring to Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka. Congress party today answered Modi’s SRP comment with MAR(Modi-Advani-Rajnath). But Modi immediately corrected MAR to RAM(Rajnath-Advani-Modi) and joyfully talked about it at around six public meetings across the state connecting this to Congress’ vote bank politics.

Modi said, “Couple of days back in a public meeting, I said SRP for Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka because this is SMS era and short forms are popular, easier to use and handy to remember, but Congress leaders took this very seriously and day before yesterday, they called a meeting in Delhi, where it’s top leaders were present to think, discuss and decide, how to answer back Modi on his SRP comment. Now, today they have created an announced MAR to answer my SRP. They have made this MAR by combining Modi’s M, Advani’s A and Rajnath’s R. But there is a difference between their MAR and my SRP. I said SRP, respecting seniority of Congress leaders and therefore I chronologically used Sonia’s S first, Rahul’s R then after and Priyanka’s P at third place. Congress should also respect seniority and therefore their MAR should be corrected to RAM where our party president Rajnath’s R comes first, Advani’s A second and Modi’s M third. Congress has come out with MAR and nor RAM because if they say Ram, they feel, their vote bank would be in danger.”

Thousands of People present in series of rallies on Thursday, over joyed Modi’s RAM with cheers and dhols.

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