SapuTara na Pravase

A view Of saputara from the Hill of Sunset Point....It is a thrilling experience to watch the whole thing in one sight..!!

These are the bamboos - which make the Dangs so famous..Dangs(Long sticks)---are made from the bamboos...They are very make rafts, for pandals, for making a days it is also useful in making of Buildings..

My old believes about Dangs are
-It's only a tribal area
-No education
-No facilities
-No awareness
SO and so
But look there is a bank ..which has not the building which is expected by us but one can find interesting this type of building of a bank....
The real bank is in the hearts of the people of Dangs...
They are very much aware for the progress of the area..
Very much loyal to life...

Look the journey from the cart to the tractor !!
The common thing in both pictures is- the hearts beating in them.

You can find a small hut and also the advertisement of OXYRICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
culture and development go hand hand......

Here is the Eco?OR Echo point...
I enjoyed the moments of taking rest in the lap of the nature....Real Lap,isn't it?

At last this is the beautiful sunset at the pond of Saputara....

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