Do watch Ghajini

A good movie:

I believe that Ghajini is not an action film, It's really- out and out a cute love story between Sanjay the owner of a cell phone company and Kalpna a girl with many dreams....
The acting....
As   usual Aamirkhan is undoubtedly Mind blowing!
Every person takes inspiration about his dedication for his job!
Three claps for his "Kartyanistha"

On other side Aasin is good..You should have a big daring to work with Aamirkhan in your very first Hindi movie!
Her work  is o.k.ok
When I was watching movie  I remembered Geet of Jab we met(Karina kapoor)

The music is marvellous  piece!
a big Applaud for my favourite A.R!
The song Behka...behka....U must listen for international Rhythm!

what I like the most?

I like the girl whose name is Kalpana!
She is so Helpful to everybody that when she was being killed we have a pain in our heart!
In my  view the most beautiful scene is  when Kalpana helps some disable girls in crossing the narrow gutter! How nice it sound!
You should watch the movie at least one time for this scene only!

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